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1. Elderly from lower income group and below that group who needs good food and shelter.

2. Many elderly cannot accept the changes in their life. Due to modernity and technological changes

3. Some feel worthless after their retirement which is the first step towards ageing.

4. Shortage of housing accommodation in some houses. The elderly couple does not have privacy.

5. The migration, of second generation for' employment
      a. To cities
      b. To other states
      c. Abroad
Increases the vulnerability of old people in some Homes, as couple (or) single. They. are left' behind to look after themselves.

6. Second generation's keen interest in bringing up their own children.

7. The high cost of living, education, medical, etc., affects the distributions of family income.

8. To meet the budget, increases the women's employment outside.

9. The growing aspiration of career women to have a separate nuclear family, her husband and her children.

10. Certain changes like:
      a. Vision impairment.
      b. Hearing impairment.
      c. Changes in body structure.
      d. Severe rheumatic arthritis affects the body structure.
      e. Certain diseases affect their mobility.
      f. Crawling condition for movement.

11. The retirement gives a rude shock' for many men and women in general.
      a. They feel insecure and inferior to the upcoming generation.
      b. They are not able to accept and adjust to the new evolution.
      c. Some, to get recognition in their own family, interferes, dominating the other family members, which ends into friction.
      d. In some houses their movements are restricted.
      e. 1. Single woman
      2. Widow
      3. Issueless
      4. Separated
      5. Divorcee
      6. Spinster


1. Old people from lower .income group.
2. Old people who receive a meager pension.
3. Old people from middle income group.
4. Old people from upper middle class.
5. Old people from affluent society.
6. Elderly couple whose families have left them.
7. Widowers, widows, spinsters, divorcees, who have no family
f or women who have been neglected for various reasons.
8. Old people who become bed ridden and need constant care.
9. Men and women who cannot adjust to their own families.

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